Monday, May 23, 2016

Tea Cup Bird Feeder Garden Sign - Summer Craftacular Blog Hop


Welcome to the Summer Holiday Craftacular Blog Hop! Thank you for hopping by Bella Home Goods, I am so excited to be joining this wonderful group of crafty ladies and look forward to creating great projects with everyone! Thank you Lauren from Mom Home Guide for the invite to join your talented group of blogger friends!
This craftacular idea is something fun to make with your kids for the summer and to attract birds in your back yard.  Last summer we spotted blue jays that had some babies, cardinals, blue birds, wood peckers,  golden finch, red robins and sparrows.  We had some butterflies as well, they love the plant butterfly bush. And some new flying  butterfly type moths that were fun to watch around the garden. It sure is exciting to be outdoors in the summer and spending time in nature don't you agree???

For this project I simply used whatever materials I had on hand so you can do that, or go to the lumber store.
Materials For Project:
*1/4 inch diamond drill bit for your power drill
*1x2 piece of pressure treated wood
*painted cabinet fastening flat head screw*1/4 inch nylon washer and a 5/16 inch rubber washer. All available in the Home Depot fastener   aisle.
*Paint-  for ease I used indoor/outdoor Rustoleum spray paint. After your paint dries in 30 minutes
*Paint Brushes and Stencils To decorate your project. We used a heart stencil and turned it into a bird by painting a beak, an eye, and feet.
*teacup and saucer
*clear coat paint for outdoor use

Paint your piece of lumber. Once dry you can begin to decorate your garden sign.   A few years ago we picked a few Cape May Diamonds from the southern most point in Cape May, New Jersey and they have a lot of bird sanctuaries there so, I thought this would be the perfect place to put a few of our Cape May Diamonds. Hopefully, we will see the New Jersey bird again our Golden Finch in our back yard.

Decorate your garden and personalize it to what speaks to you and your family the most and you will all enjoy putting this craft together. Once your paint is dry apply clear coat sealer to protect your project in the outdoors. You can take some beautiful pictures of the birds feeding on your new bid feeder. When you do put your bird feeder out they do like to be near shelter if possible like near a tree or some type of protection from larger prey. The birds are going crazy for the suet cakes they really are enjoying them. The mama cardinal and male cardinal look like they are kissing each other. She takes a few bites and then feeds it into the male cardinals beak. This usually happens every evening around dusk. During the day they both stop by to feed usually separately.

After you are finished decorating your garden stake it is time to drill a hole into the bottom of the tea cup and tea cup saucer. This is where you will need the diamond tip drill bit. This drill bit will allow you to drill through the china without it breaking (hopefully, we lost one teacup).  While you drill the hole for the saucer and tea cup place your item in a plastic bowl in a sink and add water on top of the saucer and teacup while drilling the hole. Of course you drill the hole in one item at a time. You should wear safety glasses also.  You would also drill a pilot hole in the top of your lumber where the saucer and tea cup are going to be placed on top of.  Attach with long cabinet fastener screw , nylon washer on top and rubber washer grommet on the bottom attach some what loosely so it does not crack your tea cup with your screw gun. I am also hoping that be keep in the screw a little loose that some water will be able to drain. We were afraid to put too many holes in the cup. You can cut angles at the bottom of your stake into a point. Then place in ground and add your bird seed. And your done!

I hope you enjoy this summer time craft project with your family and have some wonderful birds flying in your yard.

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  1. What a cute project for spring and summer, Michele! Looks like the birds in your neighborhood are "dining" in style with that pretty teacup. :) Thanks for sharing this clever DIY!

  2. Hi! I am so glad you joined our group! Your tea cup bird feeder is so pretty and sweet! I really want to make one of these for my garden!

  3. What a cute idea! I don't have a backyard, but I'm thinking it's a lovely gift for someone who does...Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party! Pinned!